New Version Available!

Dear players,

We are releasing a new version today, the version 2.3! We are actively working on the Android app, and we foresee it being available within the next 2 weeks.

Download it here:

The release 2.3 brings many small but important changes:

- New items and rebalancing of some item attributes
- New monsters and bosses (the monsters are not yet accessible, we will be working to add them to the map soon)
- Monsters physical damage slightly increased
- Bosses total health decreased
- New Quest in Kebelessa for new players
- New spell for Warriors, and rebalancing of the return spell
- New and enhanced login flow, which will be home of future features (such as trade)
- Recover account and change password available
- Wiki now available and updated
- Tons of tiny client app fixes and revamps, such as healing being in green, respawn positions, bank item deposit problems, chat input enhancement..

Here is a cool video of players getting together to kill Yuriga, a level 60 boss:

You can see that the boss has an insane amount of health points, and that is being reduced in this update. Please let us know if you find any bugs or have constructive suggestions for improving the game.

Bruno, Lucas & the ViVa team


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Feb 08, 2020

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