Premium Account - Huge Milestone

Dear Kakele Players,

Today is a day for celebration. We are officially launching the Kakele Premium experience! This marks a huge milestone in the game, as going forward we will have more resources to invest in Kakele, including things like Marketing.

Checkout the benefits of being Premium at: The prices are available in-game, as we will adjust it over time, specially for the non-USD currencies. This is the first version of course, and we will improve it over time as well as add new payment methods.

We are giving players 100 Kakale Coins for free! That is enough to change your name or clan twice.

The official list of changes for this update (2.9) are:

- Premium is here!! Check out more details at: For any questions or trouble with payments please contact us at

- All accounts are being credited with 100 Kakele Coins. That is enough to change your name or clan 2x (it costs 50 KCs each time)

- The Premium outfits are now usable, including a new one very hard to obtain ;)

- More in-game tutorials being added (expect new tutorials each new update!)

- Added session time and exp progress in the 'status window'

- Some client improvements and fixes, such as disallowing creation of new accounts with capital letters in the email

- Some server improvements and fixes, such as having to login multiple times to make your skull decay if you were offline for multiple days

We will now focus on implementing new features in the game, and the next update may take a while to come out. Join us in our Discord and let us know your thoughts!

Kind regards,

Bruno, Lucas & the ViVa team


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Feb 08, 2020

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